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RDC Patch v1.0 (Only for WinXP-BE 2013.4.16)
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File name RDC Patch v1.0 (Only for WinXP-BE 2013.4.16).zip
Size 1.13 MB
Language English
License GNU/GPL
Author Ramsey
Created on 2013.05.20 05:07:09
Created by Ramsey
Modified on 2014.12.01 19:32:02
Modified by Ramsey




(o) General:

* This Patch is fixing a "Remote Desktop Connection" start bug that is caused by the Microsoft KB2813347 QFE HotFix.

(o) Important:

* This Patch is only for the WinXP-BE version 2013.4.16, This bug does not exist in any other WinXP-BE versions.

(o) Installation:

* To install this Patch simply extract the Zip-Archive file to your computer and then double click on the file "RDC Patch v1.0 - Setup.cmd" or right click the file and click Open.


#11 Ramsey 2013.08.23 22:44
You have malware on your other computer, re-install. :-)
And Windows 9 will be out next year, i will wait a little bit and see where the train will go.
#12 blankheadz 2013.11.13 01:19
how to use this WinXP 32-bit BE 2013.4.16 - RDC Patch ? and for what is this sir ?
#13 Ramsey 2013.11.13 01:21
Read the download description.

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