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Extended Update Support Patch v1.0 (Only for WinXP-BE 2013.8.18 - 2014.4.14)
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File name Extended Update Support Patch v1.0 (Only for WinXP-BE 2013.8.18 - 2014.4.14).zip
Size 4.1 KB
License GNU/GPL
Author Ramsey
Created on 2014.05.24 07:20:07
Created by Ramsey
Modified on 2015.03.27 07:04:25
Modified by Ramsey



README file ->


(o) General:

* This patch will extend the Windows XP update support from "April 2014" to "April 2019" (POSReady 2009 Updates).

(o) Important:

* This patch is only needed for the WinXP-BE versions 2013.8.18 till 2014.4.14 all newer WinXP-BE versions have this patch already pre-installed.

(o) Installation:

* To install this Patch simply double click on the file "Extended Update Support Patch v1.0 - Installer.cmd" or simply right click the file and click Open.


#11 Ramsey 2014.05.26 06:49
It shouldn't be a problem but to be on the save side i would install the official updates before the Patch.
#12 Kal 2014.05.26 06:52
I see that logically your comment must mean that XP BE will have all latest updates(so no problems there!) so other non versions of BE(ordinary versions of XP e.g Home etc) must have these essential official updates installed before running patch.

Always best to be on the side of caution. Thanks Ramsey for your great project and work! 8)
#13 datora 2014.05.26 08:38
Exactly the answer I was hoping to hear. It seemed like it should work, but your confirmation makes it worth my time to run a few experiments. Going to make a couple restore images of a WinXP Pro and a Home machine and then play around a bit. Sometime during the week I'll report back if it worked out fine or if any bugs showed up (like suddenly not passing Windows Validation or something like that). And, yeah, all my systems are as fully patched as I can get hem already, so no worries there.

This really goes above and beyond supporting the Black Edition "distro," dude. Way beyond. This little hack & patch is a lifesaver for all legacy WinXP machines. Here's hoping M$ doesn't pick up on it and create some sort of a block.

#14 wadiebz 2014.09.12 13:00
Hello :lol:
What this update? :-|
I have Windows Xp Black Edition 2013
#15 dierwolf 2014.09.20 21:48
I installed black edition. XP Pro Black edition.

I am having a serious problem, built this machine for my Flight sim Cockpit but i cannot install MSXML4 sp2. and microsoft flight sim X says its not installed.

I have tried a million times, when i go into add remove programs and find it it says its not working properly.

Any fix for this? its driving me crazy...
#16 Ramsey 2014.09.20 22:46
Try to uninstall it and then try to install this:
#17 uyheang 2015.11.11 13:54
hellow i need download

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