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(o) General:

* This Patch will fix a Microsoft .NET Framework 4 bug that causes a slow Windows XP boot up.
* This Microsoft .NET Framework 4 bug can occur, for example when reinstall Microsoft .NET Framework 4 or when installing new Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Updates.
* This Patch will also uninstall all the previous Patch versions from your computer.

(o) Important:

* This Patch is only for the WinXP-BE versions 2008.8.20 till 2014.3.16 all newer WinXP-BE versions have this Patch already pre-installed.
* If Microsoft .NET Framework 4 is not installed on your computer then you don't need this Patch.

(o) Installation:

* To install this Pacth simply double click on the file "MNF4SBF Patch v3.1 - Setup.cmd" or right click the file and click Open.

(o) Changelog:

* Patch version 3.1 (2014.4.2): Removed a unneeded command line from the VBScript (Cosmetic Fix).
* Patch version 3.0 (2014.2.26): The script will now execute the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 DOS Command Line "ngen.exe eqi" silently in the background instead of disabling the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 NGEN Service.
* Patch version 2.0 (2012.2.14): Removed the need of a registry key to execute the "*.vbs" script file.
* Patch version 1.0 (2011.10.13): First Release.

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