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Windows XP Update KB3050995 (rvkroots)
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File name WindowsXP-KB3050995-Embedded-ENU-(rvkroots).exe
Size 196.63 KB
Language English
Author Microsoft
Website Homepage
Created on 2015.07.24 12:44:59
Created by Ramsey
Modified on 2015.07.24 22:22:12
Modified by Ramsey



Windows XP Revoked Roots Update from 24.3[March].2015

* All Windows XP Black Edition versions above 20.3[March].2015 have this update already induced.
* When a Windows version has reached the Extended Support phase then Microsoft does not plan to release any new Hotfixes or Normal Updates anymore for this Windows version. But if something important has to be updated then they make an exception and release and Hotfix or Normal Update for it. But this new Hotfixes and Normal Updates have to be downloaded manually from the Microsoft website because Microsoft will not distribute them anymore over the Windows Update Center like do it with the Security Updates.


+1 #1 damo 2015.12.11 23:47
how do i find out what version of black im on please someone =)
Helen Goodyear
+1 #2 Helen Goodyear 2016.11.10 12:00
I am having problem with my Firefox it keeping crashing on me what should I do
#3 regzgsc 2016.11.14 08:26
Mine also is always crashing. What I did is reformat with same os. Voila! the crashing issues has been fixed...
sudarshan rathore
#4 sudarshan rathore 2017.02.24 11:48
"Windows_XP_Professional_SP3_x 86_Black_Edition_2014_PCappsda"

that was the file i download but it not etract what should i do
+1 #5 appzter 2017.02.24 17:45
Quoting sudarshan rathore:

that was the file i download but it not etract what should i do

Trash it. Then download Ramsey's "Windows XP Professional SP3 x86 - Black Edition 2015.9.12" (per instructions below)...
1. If you don't have uTorrent, get it (free) from:
2. Install uTorrent (if you don't already have it).
3. Dowload the latest Black Edition (torrent) from:
4. Burn the ISO image to CD at your burner's SLOWEST SPEED.
5. Boot the CD, format your drive/partition and install Ramsey's last Black Edition. ;)

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