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Language: English
Author: Ramsey
File Size: 669 MB (Megabyte)
File Format: ZIP (Compressed File Archive)
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Torrent (P2P) Download: Magnet
HTTP Download: Local

ReadMe File:

[---------- SHORT SUMMARY ----------]

Includes ALL the latest Windows XP and POSReady 2009 Updates/Hotfixes until 22.5(May).2019 and will also automatically receive new Windows XP (POSReady 2009) Updates until at least April 2019 and no Windows XP Activation or Cr4ck or CD-K3y is required.
Also included are over 140 MB of additional LAN, SATA/AHCI, NVMe and USB3 drivers, including with some Themes, Runtimes, Patches, Fixes, Tweaks and some optional Programs and Pre-Configured Settings.
A Help file is also included in the ISO/Disc folder ".\OEM\WinXPPx86IE" with lots of useful information, such as on how to install Windows XP with an USB Flash Drive and on how to integrate your own SATA/AHCI drivers and much more.

[---------- CHANGELOG ----------]

(#) 2020.9.9 Changes:

* Added a few cosmetic improvements.
* Added KB4557900 Time Zone registry entries.
* Added Compatible Windows Server 2003 SP2 files "disk.sys", "partmgr.sys" (Adds GPT support).
* Added Microsoft USB 3.0 xHCI driver v2.1 (Backported Windows 8 driver).
* Added Microsoft NVMe driver v2.0 (Backported Windows 7 driver).
* Added Samsung NVMe driver v1.2 (Backported Windows 7 driver).
* Replaced "Universal SATA/AHCI driver v2019.6.10" with "Microsoft SATA/AHCI driver v2.0 (Backported Windows 8 driver)".
* Replaced "PotPlayer v1.7.21146" with "VLC Media Player v3.0.11" (Better performance on Windows XP).
* Replaced "IObit Unlocker v1.1.2" with "Unlocker v1.9.2".
* Updated Windows XP Root Certificates Update (KB931125) from "April 2020 v41.0.2195.2004" to "September 2020 v41.0.2195.2009".
* Updated Windows XP Revoked Roots Certificates (SA3123040) Update from "August 2019 v8.0.2195.1908" to "September 2020 v8.0.2195.2009".
* Updated Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable from "v14.26.28720.3" to "v14.28.29213.0".
* Updated Optional Patch Integrator script from "v2.1.3" to "v2.3.4".
* Updated Basilisk/UXP from "v2020.5.2" to "v2020.9.4".
* Updated ImDisk Toolkit from "v2020.4.12" to "v2020.7.27".
* Updated Paragon GPT Loader from "v8.0.1.2" to "v10.5.0.95".
* Removed Open Fabrics Alliance NVMe drivers.

Detailed Description:

[---------- INCLUDES ----------]

(#) Windows XP Updates:

* Windows XP Service Pack 3 (KB936929).
* Windows XP and POSReady 2009 Updates/Hotfixes until 22.5(May).2019.
* Windows Genuine Advantage Validation v1.9.42.0 (KB905474) {Cr4cked}.
* Windows Internet Explorer v8 (Roll Back to 6 possible).
* Windows Media Player v11 (Roll Back to 9 possible).
* Windows Remote Desktop Connection 7.0 (KB969084, KB2813347-v2, KB2870165-v3).
* Windows Remote Management (WinRM) 2.0.
* Windows Rights Management Client (KB979099).
* Windows Driver Frameworks 1.9 - User Mode (KB970158) and Kernel Mode (KB970159).
* Windows Feature Pack for Storage v1.0 (KB952013) - Image Mastering API v2.0 (KB932716-v2, KB952011).
* Windows Feature Pack for Storage v1.0 (KB952013) - ICCD Smart Card Driver.
* Windows Installer v4.5.6002.24298 (KB942288, KB4087398).
* Windows XP exFAT file system driver update package v1.0 (KB955704).
* Windows XP Root Certificates Update [September 2020 v41.0.2195.2009] (KB931125).
* Windows XP Revoked Roots Certificates Update [September 2020 v8.0.2195.2009] (SA3123040).
* Windows XP CAPICOM v2.1.0.2 (KB931906).
* Microsoft European Union Expansion Font Update v1.2.
* Microsoft WinUSB 2.0 (KB971286).
* Microsoft XML Paper Specification Essentials Pack v1.2.
* Microsoft XML Core Services v4.0 SP3 4.30.2117.0 (KB2758694).
* Microsoft Web Folders v12.0.6612.1000 (KB907306, KB2526086/Rosebub).
* Microsoft Windows Browser Choice (KB976002-v5).
* Windows Update v7.6.7600.256.
* Windows Update Web Control v7.6.7600.257.
* Microsoft Update Web Control v7.6.7600.257.
* Microsoft Update Catalog Web Control v7.4.7057.249 (build time-stamp 130620-1021).

(#) Windows XP Runtime Libraries:

* Microsoft DirectX 9.0c End-User Runtimes v9.29.1974 (June 2010).
* Microsoft .NET Framework [Up-to-Date/12.2(February).2019]: 1.1 SP1, 2.0 SP2, 3.0 SP2, 3.5 SP1, 4.0 Full - {Optional}.
* Microsoft Visual C++: 2002 (v7.0.9975.0), 2003 (v7.10.6119.0), 2005 SP1 (v8.0.50727.6229), 2008 SP1 (v9.0.30729.7523), 2010 SP1 (v10.40219.473), 2012 Update 5 (v11.0.61135.400), 2013 Update 5 (v12.0.40664.0), 2015-2019 (v14.28.29213.0).
* Microsoft Visual Basic: v1.00, v2.0.9.8, v3.0.5.38, v4.0.29.24, v5.2.82.44, v6.1.98.39 (SP6 Update KB2911777, KB2992332).

(#) Windows XP Applications:

* Microsoft Calculator Plus v1.0.0.908 {Replaces the default Calculator}.
* Microsoft BitLocker To Go Reader v1.0 (KB970401).
* Windows XP Powertoy - ClearType Tuner v1.01 - {Optional}.
* Windows XP Powertoy - Alt-Tab Replacement v1.0 - {Optional}.
* Windows XP User Profile Hive Cleanup Service v2.0.49 Beta - {Optional}.
* Windows XP GDI+ Detection Tool v1 (KB873374).
* Windows XP QFEcheck v6.2.29.0 (KB282784).

(#) Additional Applications:

* 7-Zip v19.00 - {Optional}.
* Basilisk/UXP v2020.9.4 (Mozilla Firefox fork for Windows XP) - {Optional}.
* VLC Media Player v3.0.11 - {Optional}.
* Unlocker v1.9.2 - {Optional}.
* ImDisk Toolkit v2020.7.27 - {Optional}.
* HashCheck v2.4.0.55 - {Optional}.
* Open Command Prompt Shell Extension v2.1.0 - {Optional}.
* Take Ownership XP v1.1.0 (Allows you to take ownership of a file or folder from the Right-click menu) - {Optional}.
* Toshiba UDF Reader Driver v2.5 (Allows you to browse HD-DVD and Blu-ray discs in Windows Explorer) - {Optional}.
* Paragon GPT Loader v10.5.0.95 (Adds support for 2.2TB+ drives) - {Optional}.

(#) Windows XP Patches/Fixes:

* Extended Update Support Patch v1.0: Extends the Windows XP update support from "April 2014" till at least "April 2019" (POSReady 2009 Updates).
* ACPI Patch v5.1.2600.6666 (2019.10.20#2): Adds support for mainboards that are newer than 2016 - {Optional / Not integrated by default}.
* PAE Patch v2.0: Allows you to set the RAM limit from 3.5 Gigabyte to 4 Gigabyte or to 128 Gigabyte and also includes the HAL patches for ACPI Timer fix and proper memory management from Server 2003 - {Optional / Not integrated by default}.
* TCP/IP Patch v1.0: Allows you to have 16777215 (Maximum) Half-Open TCP Connections instead of 10 [tcpip.sys].
* UxTheme Patch v1.0: Allows you to use un-signed Custom Visual Styles (Windows XP Themes) [uxtheme.dll].
* TermSrv Patch v1.0: Allows you to have multiple concurrent remote desktop connections [termsrv.dll].
* SFC Patch v1.0: Allows you to disable and enable the Windows File Protection with the registry entry "SfcDisable" [sfc_os.dll].
* FlpyDisk Patch v5515: Allows Non-standard Floppy Formats [flpydisk.sys].
* SndRec32 Patch v2.0: Fixes a Sound Recorder error message on computers that have more than 2GB of RAM and Increases the Recording Time Limit from 60 Seconds to 999 Seconds [sndrec32.exe].
* Shell32 Patch v1.0: Fixes the missing Icons in the notification area [shell32.dll].
* WOW32 Patch v1.0: Fixes the Win 16 Subsystem insufficient resources problem [wow32.dll].
* NTDETECT Patch v1.1: Resolves a problem with some buggy BIOS'es, when installing Windows XP with an USB Flash Drive [NTDETECT.COM].
* RAID-5 Patch v1.0: Enables Software RAID-5 Support [dmadmin.exe, dmboot.sys, dmconfig.dll].
* SERVICES Patch v1.0: Includes more assigned port numbers for well-known services defined by IANA [services].
* MNF4SBF v3.1: Fixes a Microsoft .NET Framework 4 bug that causes a slow Windows XP boot up (File placed in the Startup menu).
* Fixed missing ClipBook Viewer shortcut in the Start Menu (accessor.inf).
* Fixed missing dll registry entries for the Microsoft Jet and OLE files (KB4034775 Update Bug).

(#) Windows XP Tweaks:

* Pre-Configured Windows XP Settings - {Optional}.
* Pre-Configured Program Settings - {Optional}.
* Suppressing Microsoft Update nagging to install Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications v1.9.40.0 (KB905474).
* Suppressing Microsoft Update nagging to install Windows XP End Of Service Notifications (KB2934207).
* Suppressing Microsoft Update nagging to install Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool v5.39.12900.0 (KB890830).

(#) Extras:

* Optional Patch Integrator script v2.3.4 (For all the optional patches that are not integrated by default).
* Windows XP SP3 (POSReady 2009) SSE2 Updates Remover v1.1 (For the CPUs that don't support the SSE2 instruction set).
* Compatible Updates/Hotfixes and RTM files from Office 2000, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003 (Adds GPT support), Windows POSReady 2009, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (More details in the ReadMe file).
* Microsoft SATA/AHCI driver v2.0 (Backported Windows 8 driver) - {Optional / Not integrated by default}.
* Microsoft NVMe driver v2.0 (Backported Windows 7 driver) - {Optional / Not integrated by default}.
* Samsung NVMe driver v1.2 (Backported Windows 7 driver) - {Optional / Not integrated by default}.
* Microsoft USB 3.0 xHCI driver v2.1 (Backported Windows 8 driver) - {Optional / Not integrated by default}.
* AMD/Intel USB 3.0 xHCI driver v3 (Patched Windows 7 AMD driver) - {Optional / Not integrated by default}.
* DriverPacks BASE v11.09.01.2f with Driver Pack Mass Storage v18.04.21 (SATA/AHCI) - Compressed = 10 MB / Uncompressed = 62 MB - {Removable}.
* Driver Packs: LAN (Cable Ethernet) v18.04.21 - Compressed = 12 MB / Uncompressed = 81 MB - {Optional}.
* 9 Additional Windows XP Themes - {Optional}: "Windows XP Embedded", "Black Mesa v2.0", "ChaNinja Style RC5 v1.0", "Disney - It's a Magical World v2.0", "NeoGeniX LS v1.0", "Luna Element Black v5.1 + CSS", "Royale Remixed v1.47", "Windows 7 Colors v1.1", "Zune Final v1.0".
* Windows File Protection Utility v1.4 (In "Start Menu -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools").
* Windows XP CD-K3y Changer v1.2 (In ISO/Disc folder ".\OEM\WinXPPx86IE").
* Windows NT Registration Changer v1.0 (In ISO/Disc folder ".\OEM\WinXPPx86IE").
* Text file with some valid WGA CD-K3ys (In ISO/Disc folder ".\OEM\WinXPPx86IE").
* Help file with lots of useful information (In ISO/Disc folder ".\OEM\WinXPPx86IE").
* All Patched and Modified files are all digitally signed with a custom certificate.

[---------- REMOVED ----------]

(#) Windows XP Components:

* Nothing was removed that could cause System or Software problems, only outdated and unneeded components were removed.
1. Applications: "Address Book", "Internet Games".
2. Multimedia: "Images and Backgrounds", "Movie Maker", "Music Samples".
3. Network: "MSN Explorer", "Netmeeting", "Outlook Express", "Windows Messenger".
4. Operating System Options: "Blaster and Nachi removal tool", "Desktop Cleanup Wizard", "Out of Box Experience (OOBE)", "Tour".
5. 3rd-party Drivers: "Display Adapters", "ISDN", "Logitech WingMan", "Scanners", "Sony Jog Dial", "Toshiba DVD decoder card".
6. Disc Files: "clock.avi", "flash.ocx", "mmc.chm", "plugin.ocx", "rdsktpw.chm", "swflash.inf", "swtchbrd.bmp", "yahoo.bmp".
7. Disc Folders: "DOTNETFX", "SUPPORT", "VALUEADD", "I386\WIN9XMIG", "I386\WIN9XUPG".

(#) Bugged Updates/Files that have not been added (Manual installers in ISO/Disc folder ".\OEM\Bugged Updates"):

1. "KB2926765" (shlwapi.dll) / This Update was not added due to a Microsoft bug with the changing of the Internet and E-mail item on the Start menu.

[---------- INFORMATION ----------] + [---------- HELP GUIDES ----------]

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Grissa · 5 months ago
    @all members
    I find XP ISO + other folders in 7ZIP archive
    I only burn XP ISO to USB kit
    And i lose other folders in 7ZIP archive
    IS IT right and ok ? ......
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Ramsey · 5 months ago
      Yes you only need to burn the *.iso file.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    ochentay4 · 5 months ago
    @RAMSEY thanks for this release, optional components are great as some of us had problems and do not like all the new additions for all the systems we have (specially the older ones), but I miss Wifi Drivers (as Wifi XP drivers are difficult to come by), maybe they could be added as an option? Many of us do not care for a bigger iso, because we dont use CD anymore to install XP. Could you think about it?
    Of course the project is getting bigger and bigger over time, but its getting better than ever and has become my default way to install XP for a long time.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Ramsey · 5 months ago
      If you go to the Driver Pack BASE forum their you can download all the Driver Packs you want and then simply put them into the ZIP Archive file in ".\OEM\RunOnce\Programs\Driver Packs\Driver Packs v21.4.2018.7z".
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Rei · 5 months ago
      Take the longer route like me & just download your Wi-Fi drivers as well as other drivers in general that you can find from your hardware manufacturer's website as they are always the latest version, then install them after you install WinXP.
      CD installations are for the few left that still use CDs to install WinXP.
      @Ramsey But I do agree that route should be abandoned as prolly every motherboard & laptop since the early 2000s already has USB ports. Most old disc drive prolly already has weak optical lens & replacing them especially for laptop models are expensive or even n/a. Or take the linux distro route by having one download for CD installation & another download for USB/DVD installer.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Fisherman · 5 months ago
    I am standart user. I got stone age laptop and use xpie always(thanx for job). My problem was about 2020 3 15 version which had blue screen err. I want to install xp like before version(2020 january). I downloaded this new version but this is zip file. So do i need only vanilla iso in zip folder?? Is this iso look like previously version? Sorry didnt understand well about this zip file and what to do ..I will use usb method like always.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Ramsey · 5 months ago
      Yes the Vanilla is the one that has no experimental Patches included like the 2020 January version and the once before. Vanilla version = Stock version / Default version / Standard version ...
  • This commment is unpublished.
    infuscomus · 5 months ago
    A suggestion for the next version of the patch integrator:

    for the USB 3.0 driver integration component -
    add registry entries for the USB 3.0 drivers into HIVESYS.INF so that on first restart during the GUI part of XP installation if you have mouse/KB plugged into any USB 3.0 ports they should work.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Ramsey · 5 months ago
      You mean to put all the USB 3.0 .inf register entries directly into the HIVESYS.INF file?
      • This commment is unpublished.
        infuscomus · 5 months ago
        yeah, including the parts that create a service so the drivers can start themselves early
        • This commment is unpublished.
          Ramsey · 5 months ago
          If you remove the DriverPacks BASE do you still have the USB 3.0 problem at the GUI mode? I found 3 conflicts with the USB 3.0 and DriverPacks BASE.

          1. DriverPacks BASE replaces the DevicePath register entries with it's own entry at the installation stage instead of adding them to the exiting once .
          2. DriverPacks BASE (MassStorage Pack) has the same USB 3.0 files in this Pack and overrides some part of the patched USB 3.0 driver files at the installation stage.
          3. The DriverPacks BASE (Chipset Pack) will make the USB 3.0 for some reason unusable.

          I could fix the problem 1 and 2. But i don't know whats up with the Chipset Pack.
          • This commment is unpublished.
            IntMD · 5 months ago
            >3. The DriverPacks BASE (Chipset Pack) will make the USB 3.0 for some reason unusable. Banging head on wall
            There's a similar problem for Win2K that force-installing the chipset drivers might mess up with USB2: https://msfn.org/board/topic/179665-running-windows-2000-on-modern-motherboards-usb-issues/
            Maybe it would be a good idea to remove the Chipset Pack and instead direct the users to get them manually for ex. this for Intel chipsets: https://www.win-raid.com/t895f42-Intel-Chipset-Device-quot-Drivers-quot-INF-files.html
            I especially recommend Fernando's clean AiO pack, since you don't have to rely on the bloat Intel includes within them like the software installer. You just update the necessary devices that require it with this pack.
            • This commment is unpublished.
              Ramsey · 5 months ago
              I will remove it in the next version. I now also remember that back in 2014 some people also reported problems with the Hibernation option with this Chipset Driver Pack.
          • This commment is unpublished.
            infuscomus · 5 months ago
            your customizer script removed DriverPacks BASE already when I selected generic AHCI, so I hadn't encountered this problem.

            Honestly I hadn't tested with just the xHCI option selected.

            DriverPacks BASE problem -

            I think the problem for DriverPacks BASE is that there is already a amdxhc/amdhub30.sys files in DPM180421.7z (confirmed)

            Chipset drivers problem -
            although I didn't see amdxhc/amdhub30.sys specifically in Driver Packs v21.4.2018.7z but there are a bunch of USB drivers in Driver Packs v21.4.2018.7z so it'll be difficult to figure out which one breaks it.

            DriverPacks BASE solution? -
            I think a solution for a DriverPacks BASE conflict would be to rename the patched xHCI driver files to usbxhc/usbhub30.sys to avoid a conflict with the one already in there?
            or amdxhc/amdhub30 could be removed from DPM180421.7z - would anyone notice?

            on the system with broken USB -
            are you able to use a PS/2 mouse/keyboard or a remote desktop session to get access to it and check device manger?
            • This commment is unpublished.
              Ramsey · 5 months ago
              When i remove the DriverPacks BASE then i can also put the Keyboard into the USB 3.0 Port and use it after this stage on the screenshots (First GUI mode):
              • This commment is unpublished.
                infuscomus · 5 months ago
                are you able to use mouse/kb before you install the controller and hub driver?
                • This commment is unpublished.
                  Ramsey · 5 months ago
                  No before this (At the Blue Text screen) i have to use the PS/2 connector. Even if i add this registry entries below for the USB 3.0 Services directly to the HIVESYS.INF file.

                  HKLM,"SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\amdhub30","DisplayName",0x0,"AMD USB 3.0 Hub Driver"
                  HKLM,"SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\amdxhc","DisplayName",0x0,"AMD USB 3.0 Host Controller Driver"
                  • This commment is unpublished.
                    infuscomus · 5 months ago
                    For stage 1 of XP setup? that uses setupreg.hiv as it's own separate registry

                    there is a services section in this hive - i see there are services for USB 2.0 i.e usbuhci usbhub usbstor - try creating a service for amdxhc and amdhub30 in it and see if the driver loads

                    I've uploaded a modified setupreg.hiv here

                    can you let me know if this works?
                    • This commment is unpublished.
                      Ramsey · 5 months ago
                      Dammit i totally forgot about this file. I tested you file it and it works. But now i have to find something to edit the "SETUPREG.HIV" file over the CMD without loading it into the register.
                      • This commment is unpublished.
                        infuscomus · 5 months ago
                        I know it's possible to edit the registry via the command prompt, but I'm not sure if it possible to edit a registry hive without loading it first.
                        • This commment is unpublished.
                          Ramsey · 5 months ago
                          I also couldn't find any tool to do this, so i will have to use the REG LOAD option.
                          If you have any other ideas for the WinXP-IE then now it's the time to post them.
                  • This commment is unpublished.
                    infuscomus · 4 months ago
                    I think you forgot to add these registry entries into your Optional Patch Integrator for this release.
                    • This commment is unpublished.
                      Ramsey · 4 months ago
                      When i added them, they didn't make a difference.
                      • This commment is unpublished.
                        infuscomus · 4 months ago
                        you didn't get mouse and keyboard on a usb 3 port during GUI setup?

                        what system did you test on? was this an Intel or AMD system?
                        or was it a VMWare VM?
                        or VBox VM?
                        • This commment is unpublished.
                          Ramsey · 4 months ago
                          I had to use VirtualBox to test the USB 3.0. Everything works except accepting the License at the beginning of GUI setup.
                          • This commment is unpublished.
                            infuscomus · 4 months ago
                            I modified some setup files - https://ufile.io/s349cwyy

                            these files work in VMWare Player, USB 3.0 driver starts before EULA

                            but VBox has an initstartfailed error (open regedit before accepting the EULA - in HKLM,"SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\amdxhc\Enum

                            I know it's possible to get it to work with VBox, my earlier Ryzen Edition ISO starts the USB3 driver before the EULA in VBox just fine
                            • This commment is unpublished.
                              Ramsey · 4 months ago
                              I added the registry entries and tried it in VirtualBox but whiteout luck.
                              Dose it also work in VMWare Player without the "PCI\VEN_15AD&CC_0C0330" entry?
                              • This commment is unpublished.
                                infuscomus · 4 months ago
                                nope, you need that entry,
                                15AD is VMWare's vendor ID so you'll need it to have USB 3.0 in VMWare Player

                                can I send you my Ryzen Edition ISO? I'm not exactly sure what I did, but USB 3.0 works in VBox with it.
                                • This commment is unpublished.
                                  Ramsey · 4 months ago
                                  Yes sure send it.
                                  Only to make sure, i mean the EULA of the GUI mode not the EULA of the Text (Blue) mode.
                                  • This commment is unpublished.
                                    infuscomus · 4 months ago
                                    yes, i was referring to the EULA in GUI mode - I can tell if USB 3.0 works by whether or not the cursor is captured automatically when I mouse over the VM window.

                                    my ISO
                                    • This commment is unpublished.
                                      Ramsey · 4 months ago
                                      The entries for [InputDevicesSupport.Load] and [InputDevicesSupport] where not set in the TXTSETUP.SIF file. Now everything is working.
                                      • This commment is unpublished.
                                        infuscomus · 4 months ago
                                        was that all? I could've sworn there was more to it

                                        just to be sure, can I test yours to verify it works on my end?
                                        • This commment is unpublished.
                                          Ramsey · 4 months ago
                                          Here it is. And the HIVESYS.INF registry entries are also not needed anymore.
                                          • This commment is unpublished.
                                            infuscomus · 4 months ago
                                            yep, it works!
                                          • This commment is unpublished.
                                            Andalu · 4 months ago
                                            @Ramsey If you do not choose to install the USB3 drivers (option 4), once the ISO installation is complete, in the system32\drivers folder you will find only 6 usb*.sys files even if in the driver.cab file created in the compiling/temp folder during installation, the usb*.sys files are correctly 19.
                                            Missing files include usbport.sys, usbd.sys and usbstor.sys. Even some USB services will not be created in the registry. The main problem is that trying to install USB3 drivers other than amdxhci will result in error 39.
                                            • This commment is unpublished.
                                              Ramsey · 4 months ago
                                              I have tried it with the Option 1,2,5,7,8 and all the USB files are in the driver.cab file.
                                              If you don't use the Integral Edition ISO file then you probably have 2 cab files (SP3.CAB and DRIVER.CAB).
                                              • This commment is unpublished.
                                                Andalu · 4 months ago
                                                I used the IE ISO 2020.5.5. Even if the files are in the driver.cab archive, many of them will not be copied into the windows\system32\drivers folder at end of installation if the option 4 is not selected in the Patch Integrator. This is also happened for the previous XP-IE 2020.4.14 release.
                                                • This commment is unpublished.
                                                  Ramsey · 4 months ago
                                                  If you don't use the Option 4 then you have to install the USB 3.0 driver manually.
                                                  And some usb*.sys files are not copied if their is no USB 1.0 or USB 2.0 port on your computer. But Windows XP will copied those files from the driver.cab to the "C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers" folder, if for example you connect a USB 1.0 PCI Card or USB 2.0 PCI Card to your computer.
                                                  • This commment is unpublished.
                                                    infuscomus · 4 months ago
                                                    you could tell XP setup to always copy the files across, it does this for pci.sys

                                                    pci.sys = 100,,,,,,3_,4,1,,,1,4

                                                    so a possible solution to have them always copy could be

                                                    usb8023.sys = 100,,,,,,3_,4,1,,,1,4
                                                    usb8023x.sys = 100,,,,,,3_,4,1,,,1,4
                                                    usb.inf = 1,,,,,,,20,0,0
                                                    usbaudio.sys = 100,,,,,,3_,4,1,,,1,4
                                                    usbcamd2.sys = 100,,,,,,3_,4,1,,,1,4
                                                    usbcamd.sys = 100,,,,,,3_,4,1,,,1,4
                                                    usbccgp.sys = 100,,,,,,3_,4,1,,,1,4
                                                    usbccid.inf = 100,,,,,,,20,0,0
                                                    usbccid.sys = 100,,,,,,3_,4,1,,,1,4
                                                    usbd.sys = 100,,,,,,3_,4,1,,,1,4
                                                    usbehci.sys = 100,,,,,,3_,4,1,,,1,4
                                                    usbhub.sys = 100,,,,,,3_,4,1,,,1,4
                                                    usbmon.dll = 100,,,,,,,2,0,0
                                                    usbohci.sys = 100,,,,,,3_,4,1,,,1,4
                                                    usbport.inf = 100,,,,,,,20,0,0
                                                    usbport.sys = 100,,,,,,3_,4,1,,,1,4
                                                    usbprint.inf = 1,,,,,,,20,0,0
                                                    usbprint.sys = 100,,,,,,3_,4,1,,,1,4
                                                    usbscan.sys = 100,,,,,,3_,4,1,,,1,4
                                                    usbser.sys = 100,,,,,,3_,4,1,,,1,4
                                                    usbstor.inf = 1,,,,,,,20,0,0
                                                    usbstor.sys = 100,,,,,,3_,4,1,,,1,4
                                                    usbuhci.sys = 100,,,,,,3_,4,1,,,1,4
                                                    usbui.dll = 100,,,,,,,2,1,3
                                                    usbvideo.inf = 100,,,,,,,20,0,0
                                                    usbvideo.sys = 100,,,,,,3_,4,1,,,1,4

                                                    sorry for the long text

                                                  • This commment is unpublished.
                                                    Andalu · 4 months ago
                                                    When the ISO installation is completed, not having chosen the option 4, if I insert my Fresco Logic PciEx to Usb3 card and install its drivers, I get the error code 39. To fix it, I have to manually copy usbport.sys, usbd.sys and usbstor.sys into the system32\drivers folder otherwise my card will never work. No problem if I choose the option 4, so, at this moment, I think that it should always be selected.
                                                    • This commment is unpublished.
                                                      Ramsey · 4 months ago
                                                      Looks like the files "usbport.sys" and "usbd.sys" are only copied if a USB 2.0 or 1.0 Controller is present.
                                                      And is the file "usbstor.sys" really needed? Because it also doesn't get copied with the Option 4.
                                                      I will dig deeper into this problem, but for now the solution posted by 'infuscomus' should do the trick.
                                                      • This commment is unpublished.
                                                        Andalu · 4 months ago
                                                        I confirm that usbd.sys, usbport.sys and also usbstor.sys are copied with the Option 4.
                                                        For my Pciex card, without selecting the Option 4, it was enough to copy only usbd.sys and usbport.sys. The usbstor.sys file and its service were then automatically created. I don't know if the same behaviour happens for other cards or drivers or if it is necessary that both usbstor sysfile and usbstor service are added by hand in the system32\drivers folder and in the registry.
                                                        P.S.: glad to see that the usb mouse now also works in the XP-IE GUI-mode setup.
                                                        • This commment is unpublished.
                                                          Ramsey · 4 months ago
                                                          I finally found out what the problem is.
                                                          The Option 4 works because of the [InputDevicesSupport] entry in the TXTSETUP.SIF file which copy's those files automatically.
                                                          And the Microsoft USB .inf files are not copying those files because they don't recognize any USB 3.0 Controller.
                                                          The best way to fix this, is to tell the USB 3.0 driver .inf file to copy those files ("usbport.sys", "usbd.sys") to the "C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers" folder.
                                                          Try out this USB 3.0 .inf file below.
                                                          Files attached:
                                                          • This commment is unpublished.
                                                            Andalu · 4 months ago
                                                            In the "customized option 1,5,7,9" ISO I can't find any reference to the amdxhci.inf in dosnet.inf and txtsetup.sif files, so I wonder if the fix will work.
                                                            The [InputDevicesSupport] section is the same for this ISO and for the one where option 4 has been selected (with USB3 driver).
  • This commment is unpublished.
    SA · 5 months ago
    Hey ramsey,
    Not meaning be a dkhead but i think anyone who found his way up to here in 2020 has enough amount of knowledge to install drivers themselves. The auto driver thingy that is included in the pack is installing generic drivers but not manufacturer spesific ones which usually occurs conflicts even after reinstalling correct ones.. Maybe you could use the valuable space for some other stuff that is optional. Thank you for your support, big fan of integral xp.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      ochentay4 · 5 months ago
      Sorry but cant agree with you. Network drivers are essential and you can change later if you dont like them. Networking is essential to transfer files and do stuff.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        SA · 5 months ago
        No need to be sorry friend. I agree your point as well only if the driverpack just installs network drivers. Network drivers are essential until driverpack spreads like a virus to install audio, infrared,pcmcia card readers, vga and other devices..
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Ramsey · 5 months ago
      In the new version everything is now optional.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Grissa · 5 months ago
    There are Many ways to get drivers After install Windows
    • This commment is unpublished.
      ochentay4 · 5 months ago
      Look for snappy drivers or snappy drivers origin.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Rei · 5 months ago
      The best way is to get it from the manufacturer's website. It's always the latest update. The other option is to use Windows Update or use a driver update downloader program but they are most often not the latest updates & few times can install incorrect driver for it's hardware model.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    SA · 5 months ago
    Can i get a download link for the older release please ? It worked for me before but this new one stops installation with blue screen bitchin about acpi. Thinkpad T60
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Ramsey · 5 months ago
      New version will be out in 3 days. And that one will have no modified ACPI patch integrated by default.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Smuge · 5 months ago
    I'm having a installation problem here.

    Everything locks up in "Performing Final Task" screen when it goes trough the "Registers components" section/part.
    I have tried few times and it locks up near middle of it. I always see few ?DOS/command prompt? popping up but they are so fast that cannot see what is going in there.

    Any suggestions?
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Smuge · 5 months ago
      + I also tried to install to my old Samsung 840 PRO 128Gb and setup doesn't recognize the drive after loading the first drivers etc. It did work before on Integral Edition 2019.8.17 build.
      Some changes to Silicon Image SiI3112 (I think that's the right one) ??

      Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe
      AMD Athlon XP 3000+ (FSB400)
      1GB DDR 200 Kingston (2x512MB)
      Samsung PRO 128Gb
      Plextor PX-712A

      Lock up situation happened with same system, but instead of Samsung I used old Maxtor 80GB HDD DiamondMax Plus 9 (it's a NOS/ no errors/formatted). No other HDDs.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Ramsey · 5 months ago
        Wait for the new release next weeks . Some Patches will not be integrated by default anymore like the previous version to avoid conflicts with some computer.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Old Man · 5 months ago
    ReactOS is a piece of sh!t. Last time I played with it, nothing, I repeat NO-THING from apps to games would even run. Please don't suggest to use ReactOS software as for the common everyday Joe, ReactOS is just crap.

    • This commment is unpublished.
      Rei · 5 months ago
      Are you talking about the ReactOS operating system itself or the Application Manager? If it's the operating system, it works fine enough when I used it a long time ago. As for the Application Manager, is as I commented below.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      IntMD · 5 months ago
      Shocking! Alpha-stage OS doesn't work like it was fully complete!
      More news at 11!
      If ROS had as much full-time devs like Linux has, the progress would be fast. I find much potential for this project as an alternative for people getting used to the Windows ecosystem and that don't want to use Linux+Wine & for legacy hardware and software.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    xmha97 · 5 months ago
    Hello dear Ramsey
    Downloading a program for Windows XP in 2020 is not easy because most programs are obsolete.
    Please add "ReactOS Applications Manager" to WinXP-IE
    This program works and will be constantly updated.
    Also, the ReactOS project is free and there are no worries about licensing.
    Thanks <3
    Files attached:
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Rei · 5 months ago
      First off, I think Ramsey already knows about ReactOS as this was already discussed before. Second, while it's true that most software no longer supports WinXP, there is always an alternatives around the corner that still works on WinXP or just use the last compatible version of said software even if it's outdated. Third, most likely the primary reason for WinXP-IE is for computers that doesn't work well or no longer supported by Win10 as well as for nostalgic purpose or those that don't like newer Windows as additional reason. Using ReactOS Application Manager may turn it into a Frankenstein OS according to Ramsey's classification, although that depends on his decision. Fourthly, while it's true that ReactOS Application Manager is an great software, the last time I used it was rather buggy with some programs crashing or freezing a few times. While that was years ago, judging by how slow the project's development is going, I don't think much has changed.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Ramsey · 5 months ago
      I get an error message when starting this tool.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Rei · 5 months ago
        Haha... Never had my comment in a screenshot before.
        It kinda seems like the server is down or something. And if the server is down, it may have been discontinued, maybe?
      • This commment is unpublished.
        ArminC · 5 months ago
        For me is working on Windows 7.