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Language: English
Author: Ramsey
File Size: 685 MB (Megabyte)
File Format: ISO (Disc Image File)
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Torrent (P2P) Download: Magnet
HTTP Download: Local

ReadMe File:

[---------- SHORT SUMMARY ----------]

Includes ALL the latest Windows XP and POSReady 2009 Updates/Hotfixes until 11.6(June).2019 and will also automatically receive new Windows XP (POSReady 2009) Updates until at least April 2019 and no Windows XP Activation or Cr4ck or CD-K3y is required.
Also included are over 140 MB of additional SATA/AHCI and LAN drivers, including with some Themes, Runtimes, Patches, Fixes, Tweaks and some optional Programs and Pre-Configured Settings.
A Help file is also included in the ISO/Disc folder "..\OEM\WinXPPx86IE" with lots of useful information, such as on how to install Windows XP with an USB Flash Drive and on how to integrate your own SATA/AHCI drivers and much more.

[---------- CHANGELOG ----------]

(#) 2019.11.18 Changes:

* Updated Windows XP Root Certificates Update (KB931125) from "May 2019 v41.0.2195.1905" to "October 2019 v41.0.2195.1910".
* Updated Windows XP Revoked Roots Certificates (SA3123040) Update from "March 2015 vv8.0.2195.1903" to "August 2019 v8.0.2195.1908".
* Updated Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable from "v14.22.27821" to "v14.24.28127.4".
* Updated Basilisk/UXP from "v2019.8.16" to "v2019.11.16".
* Updated PotPlayer from "v1.7.19955" to "v1.7.20977".
* Updated ImDisk Toolkit from "v2019.6.29" to "v2019.9.24".
* Removed SumatraPDF (A PDF Reader is already included in Basilisk/UXP).

Detailed Description:

[---------- INCLUDES ----------]

(#) Windows XP Updates:

* Windows XP Service Pack 3 (KB936929).
* Windows XP and POSReady 2009 Updates/Hotfixes until 11.6(June).2019.
* Windows Genuine Advantage Validation v1.9.42.0 (KB905474) {Cr4cked}.
* Windows Internet Explorer v8 (Roll Back to 6 possible).
* Windows Media Player v11 (Roll Back to 9 possible).
* Windows Remote Desktop Connection 7.0 (KB969084, KB2813347-v2, KB2870165-v3).
* Windows Rights Management Client (KB979099).
* Windows Driver Frameworks 1.9 - User Mode (KB970158) and Kernel Mode (KB970159).
* Windows Feature Pack for Storage v1.0 (KB952013) - Image Mastering API v2.0 (KB932716-v2, KB952011).
* Windows Feature Pack for Storage v1.0 (KB952013) - ICCD Smart Card Driver.
* Windows Installer v4.5.6002.24298 (KB942288, KB4087398).
* Windows XP exFAT file system driver update package v1.0 (KB955704).
* Windows XP Root Certificates Update [October 2019 v41.0.2195.1910] (KB931125).
* Windows XP Revoked Roots Certificates Update [August 2019 v8.0.2195.1908] (SA3123040).
* Windows XP CAPICOM v2.1.0.2 (KB931906).
* Microsoft European Union Expansion Font Update v1.2.
* Microsoft WinUSB 2.0 (KB971286).
* Microsoft XML Paper Specification Essentials Pack v1.2.
* Microsoft XML Core Services v4.0 SP3 4.30.2117.0 (KB2758694).
* Microsoft Web Folders v12.0.6612.1000 (KB907306, KB2526086/Rosebub).
* Microsoft Windows Browser Choice (KB976002-v5).
* Windows Update v7.6.7600.256.
* Windows Update Web Control v7.6.7600.257.
* Microsoft Update Web Control v7.6.7600.257.
* Microsoft Update Catalog Web Control v7.4.7057.249 (build time-stamp 130620-1021).

(#) Windows XP Runtime Libraries:

* Microsoft DirectX 9.0c End-User Runtimes v9.29.1974 (June 2010).
* Microsoft .NET Framework [Up-to-Date/12.2(February).2019]: 1.1 SP1, 2.0 SP2, 3.0 SP2, 3.5 SP1, 4.0 Full - {Optional}.
* Microsoft Visual C++: 2002 (v7.0.9975.0), 2003 (v7.10.6119.0), 2005 SP1 (v8.0.50727.6229), 2008 SP1 (v9.0.30729.7523), 2010 SP1 (v10.40219.473), 2012 Update 5 (v11.0.61135.400), 2013 Update 5 (v12.0.40664.0), 2015-2019 (v14.24.28127.4).
* Microsoft Visual Basic: v1.00, v2.0.9.8, v3.0.5.38, v4.0.29.24, v5.2.82.44, v6.1.98.39 (SP6 Update KB2911777, KB2992332).

(#) Windows XP Applications:

* Microsoft Calculator Plus v1.0.0.908 {Replaces the default Calculator}.
* Microsoft BitLocker To Go Reader v1.0 (KB970401).
* Windows XP Powertoy - ClearType Tuner v1.01 - {Optional}.
* Windows XP Powertoy - Alt-Tab Replacement v1.0 - {Optional}.
* Windows XP User Profile Hive Cleanup Service v2.0.49 Beta - {Optional}.
* Windows XP GDI+ Detection Tool v1 (KB873374).
* Windows XP QFEcheck v6.2.29.0 (KB282784).

(#) Additional Applications:

* 7-Zip v19.00 - {Optional}.
* Basilisk/UXP v2019.11.16 (Mozilla Firefox fork for Windows XP) - {Optional}.
* PotPlayer v1.7.20977 - {Optional}.
* Unlocker v1.9.2 - {Optional}.
* ImDisk Toolkit v2019.9.24 - {Optional}.
* HashCheck v2.4.0.55 - {Optional}.
* Open Command Prompt Shell Extension v2.1.0 - {Optional}.
* Paragon GPT Loader v8.0.1.0 (Adds support for 2.2TB+ drives).
* Toshiba UDF Reader Driver v2.5 (Allows to browse HD-DVD and Blu-ray discs in Windows Explorer).

(#) Windows XP Patches/Fixes:

* Extended Update Support Patch v1.0: Extends the Windows XP update support from "April 2014" till at least "April 2019" (POSReady 2009 Updates).
* TCP/IP Patch v1.0: Allows you to have 16777215 (Maximum) Half-Open TCP Connections instead of 10.
* UxTheme Patch v1.0: Allows you to use un-signed Custom Visual Styles (Themes).
* TermSrv Patch v1.0: Allows you to have multiple concurrent remote desktop connections.
* SFC Patch v1.0: Allows you to disable and enable the Windows File Protection with the registry entry "SfcDisable".
* FlpyDisk Patch v5515: Allows Non-standard Floppy Formats.
* SndRec32 Patch v2.0: Fixes a Sound Recorder error message on computers that have more than 2GB of RAM and Increases the Recording Time Limit from 60 Seconds to 999 Seconds.
* Shell32 Patch v1.0: Fixes the missing Icons in the notification area.
* WOW32 Patch v1.0: Fixes the Win 16 Subsystem insufficient resources problem.
* NTDETECT Patch v1.1: Resolves a problem with some buggy BIOS'es, when installing Windows XP with an USB Flash Drive.
* RAID-5 Patch v1.0: Enables Software RAID-5 Support.
* SERVICES Patch v1.0: Includes more assigned port numbers for well-known services defined by IANA.
* MNF4SBF v3.1: Fixes a Microsoft .NET Framework 4 bug that causes a slow Windows XP boot up.
* Fixed Missing ClipBook Viewer shortcut in the Start Menu (accessor.inf).
* Fixed missing dll registry entries for the Microsoft Jet and OLE file updates.

(#) Windows XP Tweaks:

* Pre-Configured Windows XP Settings - {Optional}.
* Pre-Configured Program Settings - {Optional}.
* Suppressing Microsoft Update nagging to install Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications v1.9.40.0 (KB905474).
* Suppressing Microsoft Update nagging to install Windows XP End Of Service Notifications (KB2934207).
* Suppressing Microsoft Update nagging to install Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool v5.39.12900.0 (KB890830).

(#) Extras:

* Ported Compatible Updates/Hotfixes and RTM files from Office 2000, Windows 2000, Windows POSReady 2009, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (More details in the ReadMe file).
* DriverPacks BASE v11.09.01.2b - With the Driver Packs: MassStorage v18.04.21 (SATA/AHCI), LAN v18.04.21 (Cable Ethernet) - Compressed = 23 MB / Uncompressed = 143 MB - {Removable}.
* 9 Additional Windows XP Themes - {Optional}: "Windows XP Embedded", "Black Mesa v2.0", "ChaNinja Style RC5 v1.0", "Disney - It's a Magical World v2.0", "NeoGeniX LS v1.0", "Luna Element Black v5.1 + CSS", "Royale Remixed v1.47", "Windows 7 Colors v1.1", "Zune Final v1.0".
* Windows File Protection Utility v1.4 (In "Start Menu -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools").
* Windows XP CD-K3y Changer v1.2 (In ISO/Disc folder "..\OEM\WinXPPx86IE").
* Windows NT Registration Changer v1.0 (In ISO/Disc folder "..\OEM\WinXPPx86IE").
* Text file with some valid WGA CD-K3ys (In ISO/Disc folder "..\OEM\WinXPPx86IE").
* Help file with lots of useful information (In ISO/Disc folder "..\OEM\WinXPPx86IE").
* All Patched and Modified files are all digitally signed with a custom certificate.

[---------- REMOVED ----------]

(#) Windows XP Components:

* Nothing was removed that could cause System or Software problems, only outdated and unneeded components were removed.
1. Applications: "Address Book".
2. Multimedia: "Images and Backgrounds", "Movie Maker", "Music Samples".
3. Network: "MSN Explorer", "Netmeeting", "Outlook Express", "Windows Messenger".
4. Operating System Options: "Blaster and Nachi removal tool", "Desktop Cleanup Wizard", "Out of Box Experience (OOBE)", "Tour".
5. 3rd-party Drivers: "Display Adapters", "ISDN", "Logitech WingMan", "Microsoft SideWinder", "Scanners", "Sony Jog Dial", "Toshiba DVD decoder card".
6. Disc Files: "clock.avi", "flash.ocx", "mmc.chm", "plugin.ocx", "rdsktpw.chm", "swflash.inf", "swtchbrd.bmp", "yahoo.bmp".
7. Disc Folders: "DOTNETFX", "SUPPORT", "VALUEADD", "I386\WIN9XMIG", "I386\WIN9XUPG".

(#) Bugged Updates/Files that have not been added (Manual installers in ISO/Disc folder "..\OEM\Bugged Updates"):

1. "KB2926765" (shlwapi.dll) / This Update was not added due to a Microsoft bug with the changing of the Internet and E-mail item on the Start menu.

[---------- INFORMATION ----------] + [---------- HELP GUIDES ----------]

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    alivebacon · 16:12 06.07.2019
    It gets stuck on "Setup is starting Windows" for ages, seeming like it's froze.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Ramsey · 02:34 07.07.2019
      This looks like this is a STAT driver problem try to integrate you own SATA driver or go into your BIOS and see if you can change SATA to IDE. Read also the ReadMe file if you need more information.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      infuscomus · 01:36 07.07.2019
      my modified version? or original?
  • This commment is unpublished.
    infuscomus · 02:31 05.07.2019
    hi ramsey,

    i found a work around for storport not copying

    in txtsetup.sif


    now it copies across

    probably not the best solution, but it works

    did you want to test my ISO on some newer XP incompatible hardware?
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Ramsey · 19:35 05.07.2019
      What exactly do you want to do. A nLite Addon or a "TXTSETUP.OEM" file to install it with the Windows XP F6 option??
      • This commment is unpublished.
        infuscomus · 00:58 06.07.2019
        I have XP working on Ryzen now and wanted to know if you wanted the ISO image to try it for yourself?
        • This commment is unpublished.
          Ramsey · 01:16 06.07.2019
          Yes i can try it out on an Intel Chip but i don't have any AMD Chip to try it out. But if people don't run into any problems with it then i can easy integrate it Into WinXP-IE.
          • This commment is unpublished.
            infuscomus · 01:31 06.07.2019

            Should I post a link to it here, or email you?
            • This commment is unpublished.
              Ramsey · 01:31 06.07.2019
              Simply post the link here so other people can test it too.
              • This commment is unpublished.
                infuscomus · 02:41 06.07.2019
                XP working for AMD Rynzen ISO image

                use this if you get A5 or 7B BSOD on modern hardware

                • This commment is unpublished.
                  lss5094 · 01:08 15.07.2019
                  I'm getting a strange 7B BSOD with 0xBA4C3524, after the setup installed the bundled optional software. I'm not sure why, as this happens regardless whether the SATA controller is set to IDE or AHCI, and it happens after the logo has been shown for a few seconds (instead of immediately). Fortunately it appears I can get out of it by booting with Last Known Good Configuration once, but I don't know if this has any side effect.

                  The BSOD happens on both the original 2019.6.15 version as well as this version.

                  On the other hand, has anyone tested any RAM limit breaking patches with this version (like Dibya's 128 GB RAM patch)? I intend to try this on systems with a large amount of RAM, as well as to test whether the device drivers I needed are compatible under such scenario.
                  • This commment is unpublished.
                    infuscomus · 13:20 15.07.2019
                    It happens with the original version too?
                    very strange

                    what storage controller do you have?
                    • This commment is unpublished.
                      lss5094 · 15:40 16.07.2019
                      The storage controller in question is AMD SP5100 (equivalent to SB700 series). Yes, it happens on original version, too, and it doesn't matter if I'm using IDE or AHCI mode.

                      And as for the 7B BSOD... I can install, finish the GUI installation phases as well as additional software installation. The BSOD happens after that, and it doesn't happen immediately after the logo appears, it happens after the system has been loading for a while, which is unusual for a 7B BSOD.

                      This 7B BSOD can be worked around by booting with Last Known Good Configuration, and once I successfully boot to the system, no more BSODs happen after that.
                      • This commment is unpublished.
                        infuscomus · 15:59 16.07.2019
                        how strange, but you have a solution at least, so that's good.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    infuscomus · 07:40 03.07.2019

    would you be willing to test a couple of new drivers for the next release?

    It's an ACPI 2.0 driver and a generic AHCI driver. Testing done by me and dietmar over at Win-RAID forums shows it works for AMD Ryzen.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Ramsey · 09:24 03.07.2019
      I cannot test it myself because i don't have any AMD CPU. But i can include almost everything if it doesn't cause any side effect.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        infuscomus · 23:32 03.07.2019
        here they are - hope you can test
        theres an issue where storport.sys wont copy itself across after first reboot - it works fine after you manually copy it
        If you can figure out why it wont copy across we'd appreciate it
        • This commment is unpublished.
          Ramsey · 08:45 04.07.2019
          Did you try to put also the other 2 files into the "CopyFiles" INF section?
          • This commment is unpublished.
            infuscomus · 12:28 04.07.2019
            this error is at first reboot after txtmode setup before any inf drivers are installed

            we can integrate with nlite and storahci will load in txtmode setup - on reboot only storahci.sys is copied to c:\windows\system32\drivers

            storport.sys does not get copied - thus 7B BSOD - and we're not sure how to tell setup that it needs to copy storport.sys across
            • This commment is unpublished.
              Ramsey · 12:55 04.07.2019
              Did you try this:

              Check also if the file "acpi.sys" has being overwritten.
              • This commment is unpublished.
                infuscomus · 13:04 04.07.2019

                Does it matter where i put this in txtsetup.sif?

                acpi.sys override can be avoided by replacing the copy in driver.cab
                • This commment is unpublished.
                  Ramsey · 13:15 04.07.2019
                  The file TXTSETUP.OEM is paced correctly and the file txtsetup.sif needs to be in the "I386" folder. But like i said is the file "acpi.sys" being overwritten after the installation?
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Reality · 08:36 01.07.2019
    Thank you. This is very excellent work.
    The size of the ISO has grown to 723,648,512 bytes which isn't going to fit on a 700MB CD. I know these are virtually obsolete but some of us still have and use them.
    Would it be possible for you to trim the ISO and create one that will fit on 700,000,000 bytes or less?
    You could eliminate the the additional themes and other non-critical stuff/optional programs.
    I, for one, would greatly appreciate it. I tried to edit your ISO with nLite and it will not work upon rebuilding so something you've done to get your great results gets messed up by decomposing w/7-Zip, removing most languages (especially the large East Asian ones - Chinese, Japanese, etc.), then rebuilding the ISO with nLite.
    Also, do you plan to make a 64bit XPSP2 similar to this 32bit?
    Again, thanks for your excellent work.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Your Momma · 16:14 03.07.2019
      Always people demanding could you do this or that never satisfied with what they get! No no no. Bye.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Ramsey · 19:04 01.07.2019
      It will fit. A CD Disk = 700 MegaBytes = 734,003,200 Bytes.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Reality · 21:00 01.07.2019
        Thanks, Ramsey, you are of course correct.
        I also have some old 650MB CD-Rs and CD-RWs so I would still ask if you could reduce the size a little to get a version that would fit on these.
        If not, can you give any instructions on how I may do it myself using your excellent ISO and nLite to remove some languages, etc. or is your ISO not amenable to editing with nLite?
        I also found you've answered the 64bit version question earlier = No there won't be a 64bit due to lack of updates since 2014 and lack of drivers.
        In any event, thanks for providing an easy XP source for those of us with 10+ year old boxes that just want to use them for internet and other basic stuff.
        I've got a 1GHz Coppermine with 512Meg RAM that runs great with XP and your efforts provide a much more modern version. You're built in tweaks are pretty much what I set up normally for folder options, control panel, advanced system performance settings, etc.

        Good job!
        • This commment is unpublished.
          Ramsey · 20:39 02.07.2019
          700 MB is the standard Computer CD size and 650 MB is the standard Audio CD size.
          If you need some free CD space then you can move the "RunOnce" folder (160+ MB) located in the "OEM" folder to any Device you want. It will then ask to plug-in the device with the "RunOnce" folder after the installation to complete the WinXP-IE instantiation.
          • This commment is unpublished.
            Reality · 01:15 25.07.2019
            Just updating for those interested:
            After detailed reading of the ReadMe.txt file in Ramsey's ISO I noted this:
            "(#) Administrative:
            * To modify this Windows XP open the ISO file "Windows XP Professional SP3 x86 - Integral Edition 201X.XX.XX.iso" with a Zip-Archive Program (http://www.7-zip.org) and extract everything except the "[BOOT]" folder (if present) into an empty folder and use nLite (http://www.nlite.com) to make a Bootable ISO file after the modifications."
            Removing the "[BOOT]" folder after extracting the ISO with 7-Zip allowed successful removal of language packs and rebuilding a working ISO.
            I removed the East Asian Languages: Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese as I am in the USA,
            and integrated IE8 Hotfix (as per Ramsey's explanation in the ReadMe file):
            X86-en-ie8-windowsxp-kb4493435-x86-embedded-enu.exe from 4/5/2019
            which should be the last cumulative IE8 update offered for Embedded XP.
            This gets the ISO down to 592 MB (620,232,704 bytes) which will comfortably fit on any CD.
            Of course our East Asian friends can do the same but remove western languages or East Asian languages that they don't need.
            Thanks again, Ramsey, as this will now go into the file box as a very useful XP install disc for old hardware that I merely want to surf the web and email with.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    ender · 21:15 30.06.2019
    Which is the home page of Basilisk/UXP? i would like download the new versions by my own TIA
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Ramsey · 22:37 30.06.2019
      Click on the "[==]" (It"s the last Icon at the right corner) and then click on "?" and then click on "About Serpent" and then click "What's new". You only need to overwrite the files in the Zip-Archive with the once in the Program Files folder.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Q-L0rd · 17:43 30.06.2019
    XP Professional SP3 MUI single langpacks + KBKB942766

    0c0a-Spanish-Modern-Sort.iso 104.98 MB https://1fichier.com/?4irnt8wnkog7szxwdlrq
    040b-Finnish.iso 102.47 MB https://1fichier.com/?soi5hx83w0z42k7iovuv
    040c-French.iso 106.23 MB https://1fichier.com/?sqn1ik87ze8qnoj5gs0j
    040d-Hebrew.iso 112.49 MB https://1fichier.com/?q81m763zyuoqp6vj28a7
    040e-Hungarian.iso 97.57 MB https://1fichier.com/?d8zr7ejrjhjc49e88ehv
    041a-Croatian.iso 14.25 MB https://1fichier.com/?88tm1jp50rzge4489c7u
    041b-Slovak.iso 104.85 MB https://1fichier.com/?jffkunpd2ml9bdaltf4b
    041d-Swedish.iso 101.61 MB https://1fichier.com/?snoifvlr4yrskwutcf1y
    041e-Thai.iso 14.22 MB https://1fichier.com/?rfa78dreaibn475f4ckv
    041f-Turkish.iso 103.63 MB https://1fichier.com/?3dq3f10ze819dmqghnyz
    0401-Arabic.iso 112.94 MB https://1fichier.com/?6e0j6c9eg841i0f1mzlm
    0402-Bulgarian.iso 14.29 MB https://1fichier.com/?0xslobx04tt6im3kbqwt
    0404-Traditional-Chinese.iso 103.40 MB https://1fichier.com/?cdhbmikb6ww9us77w5np
    0405-Czech.iso 104.23 MB https://1fichier.com/?8qs5u59j5awaqsm7uur7
    0406-Danish.iso 101.96 MB https://1fichier.com/?qzfk2c7636j71ymqv4cs
    0407-German.iso 98.43 MB https://1fichier.com/?h8xwbxu9vazrqvtt4lmm
    0408-Greek.iso 106.71 MB https://1fichier.com/?ee7875qkfec8s88igcpl
    0410-Italian.iso 103.36 MB https://1fichier.com/?k49aex4sd009ol8i5mfi
    0411-Japanese.iso 120.12 MB https://1fichier.com/?2wji465s9rf1uvtvtm6q
    0412-Korean.iso 104.83 MB https://1fichier.com/?kr21dc4pc6pooemiqnyb
    0413-Dutch.iso 103.26 MB https://1fichier.com/?j72d1huzsqm3wgd4mi8r
    0414-Norwegian.iso 100.97 MB https://1fichier.com/?ttv3hry0grugy3bz1faq
    0415-Polish.iso 105.19 MB https://1fichier.com/?guceikzdshemxnw3il7q
    0416-Portuguese-Brazil.iso 102.97 MB https://1fichier.com/?b7qq54urla1b68hfusf0
    0418-Romanian.iso 14.26 MB https://1fichier.com/?tb5lf9yfji1nqy1b9ct7
    0419-Russian.iso 103.98 MB https://1fichier.com/?yv42xq8m6g87fr19i7ys
    0424-Slovenian.iso 103.62 MB https://1fichier.com/?i5x0basweq1ucp2xi9ds
    0425-Estonian.iso 14.22 MB https://1fichier.com/?rlt8p5qhlip5idontxsi
    0426-Latvian.iso 14.26 MB https://1fichier.com/?pv62dabshv7o869fcj5h
    0427-Lithuanian.iso 14.27 MB https://1fichier.com/?kkvq5vda6nu1stb50uv9
    0804-Simplified-Chinese.iso 103.82 MB https://1fichier.com/?e12055crkqiq9dyjs5ag
    0816-Portuguese-Standard.iso 103.54 MB https://1fichier.com/?rglak4fp9in2e20oqyd2
    • This commment is unpublished.
      IntMD · 18:51 22.09.2019
      Links are down, might want to reupload it in anonfile, their expiration guidelines are neat.

      "How long will my files be online?
      Forever. That is, if they do not meet one of the following conditions:

      Files violating our Terms of Use. Please report any findings immediately.
      Files older than 6 years and not downloaded in 5 years.
      Files older than 3 months that has never been downloaded at all."
  • This commment is unpublished.
    nwin · 18:23 29.06.2019
    did anybody tried tencent gaming buddy in this os?
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Q-L0rd · 12:59 29.06.2019
    Security: this xp is like a wide open barn door, turns off DCOM and its SPX and TCP protocols; and turns on the firewall; disables RemoteDesktop and shuts down and disables the services : NetBios, Computerbrowser, IPSEC, BITS, automatic Updates, Server and SSDP and disables them
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Your Momma · 16:04 03.07.2019
      Utter crap. Dont bs us. Or You must be using a virus ridden version from a hackers site pal! Now get lost!
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Ramsey · 13:04 29.06.2019
      Looks like you have a different WinXP then everybody else.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Q-L0rd · 20:19 29.06.2019
        that anyway , is only an old hp550, but
        i made the experience often with special boot cd, if the scripts can't run through properly,
        it doesn't work right, especially with nlite;the desktop doesn't look right then, or something like that.
        but very goodwork, thanks again (handshake.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Q-L0rd · 12:24 29.06.2019
    Ramsey, many thanks for editing/deleting my blog entries. For those who can't install via cd or usb:
    take yumi, make a stick; and then copy the contents of the CD onto the stick
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Q-L0rd · 21:27 25.06.2019
    Ok, guys/girls, if someone need a language pack described below.
    700 MB https://1fichier.com/?ouqg1bmvfhb8czj9t2yn
    700 MB https://1fichier.com/?k1r89zymzwe28r5uzd71
    534.38 MB https://1fichier.com/?zf6gpg2zw3959na6mhfb

    0401 Arabic
    0402 Bulgarian
    041a Croatian
    0405 Czech
    0406 Danish
    0413 Dutch (Standard)
    0425 Estonian
    040b Finnish
    040c French (Standard)
    0407 German
    0408 Greek
    040d Hebrew
    040e Hungarian
    0410 Italian
    0411 Japanese
    0412 Korean
    0426 Latvian
    0427 Lithuanian
    0414 Norwegian
    0415 Polish
    0416 Portuguese (Brazil)
    0816 Portuguese (Standard)
    0418 Romanian
    0419 Russian
    0804 Simplified Chinese
    0c0a Spanish (Modern Sort)
    041b Slovak
    0424 Slovenian
    041d Swedish
    041e Thai
    0404 Traditional Chinese
    041f Turkish