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DUBLIN, Calif. (KTLA) -- A house in northern California was hit by a cannonball when experiment by the Discovery Channel show "Mythbusters" went a bit askew, the Alameda County sheriff's office said.
The myth was about whether other things are just as effective as a cannonball when fired from a cannon. Instead, the mythbusters found out how effective a cannonball is when it misses its target.
The cannonball was traveling as fast as a bullet when it bounced off a sidewalk, blasted through the front door of a house, and whizzed across the bedroom of a sleeping couple.
The cannonball went through the bedroom wall, leaving a 10-inch hole. It then bounced across four lanes of traffic and hit another home, before finally smashing into a minivan.


#1 Kurt 2012.01.10 15:40
I have a new myth: The Guys that run Mythbusters are IDIOTS
#2 Herp 2012.07.13 19:54
#3 skizer1 2012.07.17 20:37
Hey it is not how this accident occured it is why?. ; Placing more than enough high explosive charge could propell the cannon ball much futher and with more UMMPH// than was originally needed for the experiment.Well done? if that were joe bloggs then off to the containment camp he would go...

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